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Matt and Jozi Best.
We have a combined total of more than 60 years experience shearing, handling and showing many different species of livestock, traveling throughout the U.S. and
 Jozi has worked with sheep in England, New Zealand, Australia, and Argentina.

Best Shearing Services
Alpaca Shearing Seminars
Alpaca Shearing

Jozi's Jentle Livestock Services,


The BesTunis
 Home of Champion Tunis Sheep

Our professional services include:

 Shearing Alpacas (both annual and summer crias),
Llamas, Sheep, and Goats 

Shearing Seminars

 Herd Management Help:

   consulting,  troubleshooting; on-farm clinics, on-farm work days;
 birthing, general care, nutrition, condition scoring;
handling and training techniques, facility design and improvement;
as well as private transporting.

Matthew and Jozi Best
225 South Hedgehog Hill Rd.
Unity,Newport, NH 03773


P1: 603-304-9152